Are your feet tired of walking around theme parks all day?  Is the weather not cooperating with your current outdoor plans?   Are you bored and need to find new things to do? Then check out one of our escape games.  We have four unique games to choose from, each one with its own style and challenge. They are fast becoming the thing to do when you want a fun time with friends or to build up a team at work.  Adaptable to all skill levels and group sizes, are games are a great way to bring a group together and have fun.

Are you a theater buff who would love the chance to explore the backstage?  Then give “Encore” a try. Here you will have 60-minutes to explore the backstage and dressing room of a theater to find the loot the theater owner left behind.  Can you get out before the classic building is demolished for new progress?

Or Maybe, you’re a person who enjoys mysteries then, our 75-minute  “Sherlock Studies” murder mystery game is for you. Do you think you have what it takes, to replace Sherlock and solve the crime?  Explore his flat and figure out where he left his collected evidence. Can you piece it all together and prove that the accused is innocent?

Have you always wanted to be a classic hero, maybe like Hercules?  Then “At Odds With The Gods”, our 90-minute epic is for you. Fourteen of the classic gods are challenging your worth to be immortal.  Can you defeat them all and claim your prize?

Big history buff? Do you love the renaissance period? Have you ever imagined being the knight of a classic story, storming the castle to save your friends?  Now you can be that hero, in “A Knight To Escape” you have 2-hours to reconnect with your comrades and escape the castle before you all are thrown in the dungeon.  Will you escape or be forever imprisoned?

Whether, you are just looking for cool new things to do or trying to find an escape to the rain or heat, check out one of our great escape game adventures.

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