Halloween may not be for another 4 weeks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the whole month long with us at The Escape Effect. From October 1-30, come to play in a costume themed to one of our rooms to be entered into our contest. Check out the four themes below and decide which game you want to match. Be sure to check out our Pinterest page for some ideas on how to get started.


At Odds With The Gods

If Hercules is your favorite Disney movie, this is the costume theme for you. A simple way to make a costume for this theme would be to use a towel or sheet and wrap it into a toga. Get some fake leaves from a craft store and make them into a wreath for your head. Now you are a Greek god or goddess.

You could also transform yourself into one of the creatures from Grecian history like a centaur or a siren. Braid rubber snakes into your hair to be Medusa or make armor out of cardboard to become a gladiator.

If you want some film inspiration, watch Troy, Clash of the Titans, or Hercules.


Sherlock Studies

Elementary, my dear reader! This category requires a costume from the original era of Sherlock Holmes (sorry Benedict Cumberbatch fans). This is the late Victorian, early Edwardian periods; from 1880 to 1914.

Any character from the original stories will qualify you for this category. You can dress up as anyone from Sherlock and Watson, to Mrs. Hudson and Moriarty. Watch the Robert Downey Jr. movies for inspiration.

Fun fact! You can easily make a deerstalker cap, just like the famous detective wore, from two baseball hats glued together.



If you love the ritz and razzle-dazzle of the 20s, make a costume in this category. We’re looking for outfits that embody the distinctive culture of this decade. Think flappers, gangsters, silent film stars, and magicians.

Some iconic characters from this time are Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Greta Garbo. Check out The Great Gatsby, Chaplin, The Artist, or Chicago for costume inspiration.



Our fourth room’s name has not been announced yet, but you can take inspiration from its theme, the medieval era, to create a costume. Come as royalty, knights in shining armor, or a band of thieves; characters like King Arthur or Robin Hood.

Watch The Princess Bride, The Lion in Winter, or Monty Python and the Holy Grail to familiarize yourself with this theme.


Be sure to check out the official rules for the contest.